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Application Security Consulting

We are searching for security-centered architects and  research laborer to join our application security counseling and research rehearse. Occupation obligations will incorporate entrance testing, security investigation, and bleeding edge look into current advancements and assaults. You don't need to have industry experience to apply, simply enthusiasm for security. 

We have lot of fascinating ventures to take a shot at, including security appraisals of a wide assortment of web applications (monetary, internet business, gaming, and so forth.), web administrations, portable applications, and that's just the beginning. This is an open door for a cooperative person who might want to work with a world-class group, is prepared to begin rapidly, and is anxious to take in some new aptitudes and have a fabulous time at the same time.

Here is a selection of the services we can provide:

Application and Product Penetration Testing

  •  Identification of security weaknesses through penetration testing with or without code review
  •  Demonstration of weaknesses as needed to validate findings
  •  Simplified architecture review and threat modeling
  •  Characterization of the impact of a successful attack
  •  Recommend solutions for addressing weaknesses
  •  The application, protocol, or implementation's security posture is reported
  •  Upon request, a public facing document explaining the test methodology and results

  Application Design Review

  •  Conduct a review of a system's design
  •  Identify security implications of the design
  •  Perform threat modeling
  •  Perform a gap analysis between the design and industry best practices
  •  Enumerate conflicts between business requirements and security considerations so informed trade offs are made
  •  Recommend solutions for addressing security weaknesses
  •  Can be conducted prior to implementation, or once in production

 Application Code Review

  • Examine sensitive areas of software code
  •  Identify security flaws including: race conditions, overflows, character set conversion problems, logical errors, bad assumptions, key management flaws.
  •  Recommend specific fixes and general coding practice improvements appropriate to the Client's        environment
  •  Lead groups of developer through code review exercises to enhance the Client's ability to audit code
  •  Upon request, a public facing document explaining the test methodology and results can be provided

Find out which kind of Application Security Consulting is best suitable for your kind of business or how we can develop and customized a mobile app which will fulfill your personal requirements as well as business needs. Lets discuss in details. Simply drop us an email to or call on +91-9457630748